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Cracking Up 10/24

Cracking Up 10/24 published on 9 Comments on Cracking Up 10/24

Hermosa: It reminds me of something. But I don’t know what.

Dex: Don’t push yourself, dear. Take your time.

. . . Surveillance target has exited the building. Early for his usual routine, but not enough to make a big detour before he goes to work.

Hermosa: Is he alone? Or did the woman in black come out with him?

Dex: The who?

Hermosa: The person you saw go in, just now.

Dex: Hermosa — what are you talking about?

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I wonder if it’s just because Hermosa heard the WIB being described and wasn’t in her forgetfulness “field” that he remembers that or if it’s something to do with his coping strategies for his memory issues?

Yeah, I think not having perceived her is what means he can’t have his perceptions rewritten.

Then again, Olive Romarin didn’t remember making an “it’s okay that you don’t remember” video for herself about the WiB, so I’m not sure *what* the limits are. If Hermosa somehow convinces Dex this isn’t just his memory acting up, will Dex forget that 10 seconds later?

I wonder if having the particular kind of magical damage he suffered means he’s somehow immune to her magical concealment field entirely? Or if he was always able to see through that particular type of field?

Nah – He’s also got problems with remembering her – she’s human height, she’s got hair coloured hair…

I think its just the fact that the further separated you are from her, the longer it takes to take effect.

And I’m pretty sure Thorn’s been showing similar levels of remembering her, given that he remembered her as “the unmemerable agent from the opera” (ok, WiB said that, but Thorn didn’t deny that that was what he was going to say), along with remembering enough to bring her up on at least two separate occasions without prompting.

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