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Cracking Up 15/24

Cracking Up 15/24 published on 6 Comments on Cracking Up 15/24

Dex: Of course. Why wouldn’t Kudzu live here, there’s no reason his handlers couldn’t have stashed him here — Two of the apartments haven’t opened their windows in any of my surveillance footage —

Hermosa, you are a tactical genius and I am thicker than a vampire’s address book.

Hermosa: I don’t think “asking stupid questions because I know I have memory problems” counts as “tactics”.

Dex: They were the right questions, and I didn’t think to ask them.

Hermosa: Well, I’m sure you — Dex, are you running somewhere?

Dex: Tactical. Genius. Won’t hear another word against it.

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It’s kind of fascinating that we’re progressing through this storyline with the same confusion about what’s happening as Hermosa is experiencing. I’m assuming a bunch of stuff will be more clear later, but this feels appropriate. 🙂

I have my suspicions. I suspect Dex is going to try to kill Kale again, and the WIB will be there to stop them. And I’m hoping the version of this we see is the one where Kale’s okay.

Erin: double-checking the timeline. When is this happening relative to Thorn meeting WIB on his way out to the embassy in the last arc?

WiB goes in the door –> WiB has conversation with Thorn –> Thorn goes out the door. (I’m trying to be very distinct with the lighting, to make it easy to track what time of day it is.)

…although this is not the same loop as the one from the last storyline! As will become clear in the next couple weeks.

I love it when I can do this for my SO 🙂 I can’t write much of my own code any more without hurting my head, but I can still remember good questions to ask. even if I have to blur out the answer too to avoid a headache :/

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