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Cracking Up 16/24

Cracking Up 16/24 published on 12 Comments on Cracking Up 16/24

Dex: If this woman is connected to Kudzu, in a bad way . . . If he has access to his powers again, and he’s erasing memories to cover her tracks . . .

My kind and optimistic husband. When you had me promise not to hurt him — You didn’t think he would do that.

Hermosa: Honey — do I remember wrong, or is Acai herself supervising Kudzu’s parole? You think he could relapse and the Time Mage wouldn’t know about it? Maybe the mystery woman is Acai! If anyone could block your spelltech . . .

Dex: She’s not Acai.

Hermosa: How do you know?

Dex: Because I have eyes on her again — and she’s at least a foot too tall.

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Dex really needs to realize this is revenge for their sake, not Hermosa’s. Also whatever Dex is planning to do most likely screws with the prophecy but also is just a bad idea in general.

I would tend to agree, since the last few chapters end with the panels disintegrating, and the repeated use of the somewhat evocative concept of the timeline ‘shredding’ if an irrevocable paradox occurs…

Assuming that the prophecy isn’t entirely about thwarting Dex here. Which would also be bad for Dex’s intended course of action.

No matter how bad could Dex be making the situation, they’re INSIDE time so no timeline shredding from whatever they does. Future!Thorn, meanwhile … he may mean it well but is dangerous.

Unless this is a corner case and NORMALLY because WiB is ‘outside’ time and the only time-travel actor, everything goes right for her the first time, but Future!Thorn’s presence means she’s having to Return To The Past multiple times to get it right.

I agree, Dex can’t shred the timeline if they’re the reason for the prophecy which added Thorn to this mix. Or, I should say, can’t shred the timeline *more*, because if the prophecy was about thwarting their revenge against Kale, said revenge against Kale inspired a *lot* of time travel, which itself could be considered shredding the timeline a bit.

However, Dex’s current intended script not being able to cause further damage to the timeline doesn’t mean what Dex is planning isn’t a bad idea.

This whole plot with Dex wanting to hurt or kill Kale is so stressful.
At least I really hope the endgame (from a writing perspective, not from Dex’s) is to have Kale cure Hermosa as he said he could.

I think Dex would be pretty happy to have their husband fully recover, actually!

Just… their ego might not be able to handle the moment *before* then, and if it’s not a spectacular, complete, and speedy recovery afterwards then they might get to feeling betrayed and stabby 😖

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