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Cracking Up 18/24

Cracking Up 18/24 published on 20 Comments on Cracking Up 18/24

New Off-Shoots bonus page! More of a Dexie adventure that didn’t involve Kudzu, which means they’re about 1000% more capable of being Actually Helpful.

Leveraged Dex 2

WiB: Hello! You’re really hard to sneak around, has anyone ever told you that?

So this loop I’m just going to confront you head-on.

Yes, I have hover-boots! It’s cool future tech. I’m from the future. And that guy is —

Oh, come on, obviously I brought heartblade-proof shields.


Those aren’t even future tech! I got them from now!

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Rowan’s siblings (and that actor) muet be excited about the hoverboots in the future! Assuming the tech has progressed far enough in their lifetimes to be more widely available then to just super-secret Women in Black here to atop the timeline from shredding, I suppose.

Is the existence of that tech new information? I feel like it’s new information.

Also, why didn’t it occur to me that WIB being in a time loop might be deliberate? They’ve clearly got the tech for that.
…although, I guess folding a consistant timeline on itself while maintaining consistancy is a bit different to repeatedly re-writing a day with new actions…

The hover boots were used at the opera (soon after the actress playing Telga thought about the lack of stable hover boots)

I think Autoskip was referring to the heartblade-proof shields, not the hover boots. And I also think there was no mention of anything like that existing before this, pretty sure we were told that heartblades can cut through *anything*.

Yup, that’s what I was referring to – I’m pretty sure the only thing we knew of previously that a heartblade couldn’t cut through was other heartblades.

“Magic” weapons are also heartsword-proof.

(I’m Khyrin, but for consistency’s sake, I’m commenting under this name, since I can’t work out why logging into Wordpress on the Offshoots pages requires me to comment as “Smallmoon”.)

Hmmmmm. I’m presuming this material is pretty damn rare, otherwise the heartsword turns into an obsolete piece of kit.

I’m assuming that the same magic that makes the armor stand up to a heartsword also proofs it against any other blade.

I think it’s been mentioned in earlier comments that state conflicts in southern magic hinge on magical girls – the feats talented mages have shown off suggest that if one can’t manage magical parity, other assets will be overwhelmed.

We’ve also heard talk of “another age of wars” as a thing to avert – it’s possible that there’s been substantial advancement since the last state conflict and modern kit is fundamentally untested. This would also explain why there’s been no call to discuss what warfare was like in the northern magic zone, before Sonheim consolidated all available territory up there. (Watson’s explanation. The Doylist reason, I’ll guess, is that Erin isn’t interested in the subject.)

That said, strong magic appears to be a matter of talent, and cold doesn’t work in the northern magic zone, while Heartswords are available to anyone who puts in the work. If an adversary has magical parity, I haven’t seen a stronger tiebreaker.

love the implication that the WiB has tried to sneak past dexie in previous loops and has Given Up on trying that after who knows how many loops

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