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Cracking Up 19/24

Cracking Up 19/24 published on 11 Comments on Cracking Up 19/24

More new stuff for Patreon supporters: a high-res wallpaper to celebrate Eurovision week.

(Only Leif gets a microphone. It’s okay, we’re all lucky Thorn isn’t singing, and he has the physique to be a great backup dancer.)

Eurovision wallpaper

WiB: So, here’s the thing — Kudzu is seriously important to the future. Which is coming up fast. Pretty sure next summer is the one with the big —

Listen, the point is, please don’t kill him. Also: surprise, this is where he lives!

Dex: You did not surprise me.

WiB: Wait, you already knew? And you’ve been quietly watching him, not going all stabby-stabby — what changed?

. . . or did you just figure it out in the past five minutes?

Dex: Go back to the “next summer” thing.

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odd, the comment system says “8 comments”, but only four are visible. I can’t see my own, or the reply to it that I saw in the rss feed.

Yeah, there’s a few posts with argumentative threads which I hid, because they were bumming me out. (There’s no way to hide specific argumentative comments and leave the rest of the thread below them visible, otherwise I would’ve just done that.)

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