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Cracking Up 20/24

Cracking Up 20/24 published on 13 Comments on Cracking Up 20/24

WiB: Right, that . . . Look, I don’t know a ton about it. Traveling-me is supposed to be gone by then, and chronological-me isn’t born yet.

Even if I told you the details, you’d forget! So can we just —

— uh-oh.


I forgot how well you can haaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAACK

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WiB must be getting paid so much overtime for this mission.

Oh yes. The most important question for time travelers and people traveling between stars: which reference timeframe I’m paid in?

While I was in there I broke a bunch of other spelltech as well, most of which I have no idea what does. I wouldn’t put much stock in your heartsword shield or time loop tech though.

Luckily, I’m pretty sure WiB can’t just time-loop on her own…. Which may mean she’s gonna have to limp back to Acai with a broken leg, assuming Dexie doesn’t just straight-up shank her and then finish his “job” with Kudzu.

Now I’m thinking about how painful that staircase must have been to draw.

Not as hard as you might think! (Read all the way to the ending…)

How does future you feel about fitting this oddly shaped strip into an upcoming print edition?

I assume the transparency is throwing you off, but the file itself isn’t an odd shape — it’s the same dimensions as a typical “twice the height of a daily strip” Sunday.

(Originally I planned to run it on Sunday, but I liked the surprise factor of “looks like a normal daily strip — wait, why does it just keep going?”)

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