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Cracking Up 21/24

Cracking Up 21/24 published on 7 Comments on Cracking Up 21/24

WiB (thinking): Can’t move. That’s probably not good.

I can still breathe, so this loop isn’t necessarily doomed . . . Just need my medical tech to work fast enough that I can get back in the Agent’s way —


This loop is necessarily doomed.

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It would be hilarious/painful if *this* is actually the best way through this part of the loop… and then something else stuffs up this version of today, and WiB has to break her legs over again 😖

Well, not sure about the *best* way, but I’d guess it’s probably going to be the one that works, because people don’t normally bother posting about earlier loops unless they start with the first time into the loop and then montage through most of them (for example, like Groundhog’s Day did.)

I think I *have* seen one where the comic started in the penultimate time around, but it was only one or two arcs before they looped and started the ultimate iteration, rather than however many we’ve had here.

With all that talk about looping I would totally expect to see at least one non-working loop before the final working one. But it’s true that this being the working loop would be funny. And even funnier if WiB really will be forced to break her legs multiple times to get right result.

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