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Cracking Up 22/24

Cracking Up 22/24 published on 13 Comments on Cracking Up 22/24

WiB (thinking): At least, the last time I landed flat on my back, it was inside the nice climate-controlled opera. And I only fell a few feet, not a few stories.

And I had Literally Iona Nibelungsen, Tiny Baby Edition, landing on top of me.

Baby Iona, who had some kind of stealth-magic resistance that let her remember me . . .

Wonder if she’ll remember this.

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Hmm, interesting, WiB seems to know Iona as someone from her original timeline – either WiB’s from not-too-far in the future within Iona’s lifetime, or Iona manages to get so famous she’s well-known even after her death. WiB does mention she herself hasn’t been born at this moment, so we’re looking at least 20 years out, conservatively.

Thinking about it more: Imri has stated that he might turn Iona when she’s older, and Thorn Explains: Vampire Souls has an illustration of vampiric Iona. In that event, Iona could be both a well known public figure and active at arbitrary future times.

But I would be surprised if Iona grew into the sort of person who fits in with incumbent vampires, and I would also be surprised if Imri decided to grant status and longevity to a social reformer.

Would you be surprised if Iona opted to pretend to be the sort of person whom Imri may decide to corrupt by granting status and longevity to, so that she can do more long term social reform, and more effectively due to said status?

Since the theory is that WiB is Leif & Thorn’s daughter from the future, it would follow that she’s aware of Iona as an important figure in her own time. Given the “This Storyline is Canceled” storyline, where she and Ragnild start to have some insight outside of their bubble of privilege and into the lives of servants and the relative position of political power she already has by virtue of who her dad is, it’s possible that she becomes an important political figure doing social justice work and/or attempting to dismantle the indentured servitude system. This would also fit well with WiB thinking Iona could be Rhodon in her conversation with Acai. (Side note, it would also be really funny if adult!Iona was WiB’s first baby crush in the same way that she’s the object of Iona’s baby crush when the age gap is reversed here.)
It’s unlikely that WiB knows Iona personally, based on how she talks about her when talking to Acai, and she’s probably not related to anything about time travel shenanigans, since she was hoping Acai might recognize the name, rather than expecting it.
The only other piece of information that I have to add is that I vaguely (and possibly inaccurately) remember [the Iona character from the WtNV daemon AU] becoming the apprentice of [the WiB character] in learning to be a witch? I’m unsure that this or the reverse fits here because again, WiB would likely have talked about her differently to Acai if she knew Iona already. I’m not sure on how this might fit in, if at all, anyone have any insight?

WiB having a baby crush on adult!Iona seems very plausible from her reaction here. I’m agreed about the ‘not knowing her personally’, the reaction seems like Iona might be more of a celebrity or important political figure someone might look up to.

Gotta say, I absolutely love watching readers pull all these breadcrumbs together.

(Proto-Iona did get apprenticed to proto-WiB, but the reason that training worked out was because proto-Iona turned out to be proto-WiB’s daughter, and that’s how she inherited the witch genes. I, ah, don’t mind spoiling that that is not where Leif & Thorn is going.)

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