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Cracking Up 4/24

Cracking Up 4/24 published on 8 Comments on Cracking Up 4/24

In which Pascentia demonstrates the power of grey-rocking.

Marula: But seriously — I’m starting to get worried, here. I think the memory loss is making him kinda paranoid.

Pascentia: Hm.

Marula: The other day, he couldn’t find some “notes” he made, and he told me you stole them?

Pascentia: Did he now.

Pascentia (thinking): Don’t react. Don’t give her anything to work with. Oh, she sounds perfectly innocent . . .

. . . but so did my sibling, and they were a secret agent heartsword-wielder with a dagger the whole time.

The Order put Marula on guard here because they think she can be even more cunning and ruthless. Enough to hold off Dex in a fight. Don’t give her an opening.

Marula: Also, I think he’s been keeping his eyes in 26/7 for, like . . . a while. Can’t be healthy. At some point, I think we just have to pull them out. For his own good.

Hey, are you even listening to me?

Pascentia: Sure, Marula.

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Marula is clearly also experiencing memory loss or some sort of hearing loss. She’s missing words in the middle of sentences! “Pascentia wouldn’t have hidden them!” becomes “Pascentia hid them!”

Yes. how unhealthy to *checks notes* wear an adaptive device that restores a primary sense as much as possible so your ‘memory issues’ (read: asshole in-home torturer Parole officer) can’t leave you unable to find them. (Although I imagine you DO need to take them out periodically, just to clean off various biofilms?)

That isn’t memory loss, this is classic gaslighting. She’s intentionally twisting a past event that she caused and was rightly blamed for into a very similar event that makes him look unstable and blaming people he actually trusts, in order to drive a wedge between him and his actual allies.

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