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Cracking Up 8/24

Cracking Up 8/24 published on 5 Comments on Cracking Up 8/24

Hermosa: So, I’m on a connection I know is secure, because it was encrypted by my brilliant (and frankly paranoid) spouse . . .

. . . in a private space, undressed, and all wet. Stop me if I’m distracting you.

Dex: I will absolutely not stop you. This is vital intelligence. Have you started soaping up yet?

Hermosa: Um . . .

Yes? But not in a sexy way.

Dex: . . . Well, hold that thought — the field needs my attention.

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That mysterious shadow looks like the Woman in Black (and not just because it’s a mysterious shadow, lol). Long coat + the hair split at the back into what looks like two over-shoulder braids.

She’s in the tags now, actually.

I wonder how Dexie’s super-spy-spelltech and the WiB’s “forget me already” enchantment will interact? (Is the next panel “wait – why did I stop chatting up my gorgeous and charming husband again”?)

Hah, didn’t even notice that.
Yeah, it will be interesting to see which comes out on top – I’m guessing the WiB – and if she’s even Dex’s target or just walking by

I am presuming that Dex is surveilling Kale, and the time loop is necessary to keep everyone alive. Thorn leaving to guard the embassy is not due to the importance of anything happening at the embassy per se, but for the safety of Kale and or Dex and or himself.

Alternatively, although they could all have a flashy fight at a somewhat isolated household without blowing Kale’s cover, here in an apartment in downtown Central, WiB’s talents are needed to resolve the conflict without drawing public attention.

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