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Cracking Up 9/24

Cracking Up 9/24 published on 3 Comments on Cracking Up 9/24

Hermosa: “Wait, this description sounds familiar from back in Volume 5.”

New Off-Shoots storyline! Dex came back to Ceannis pretty quickly for the sake of the plot, so I figured I’d use the bonus arcs to fill in some of their “freelance fugitive in the United Islands” adventures.

Leveraged Dex page 1

Dex: Someone’s approaching the target . . . a someone who’s up to their ears in stealth tech.

My filters are at maximum, and I’m getting nothing. Except a long black coat.

Hermosa: Long black . . . Can you get a height? From the surroundings?

Dex: Um. Human height? And they have . . . hair. I think.

Hermosa: Would you describe it as “hair-colored”?

Dex: . . . yes, dear, I would. How did you know?

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So, Hermosa’s incessant note taking defeated WIB’s unmemorability about as much as Thorn’s repeated encounters with WIB have, more or less? Cool. I bet the woman who cannot be remembered never expected she’d be remembered by the guy who can’t remember anyone.

Edit: thinking about it a bit more, that sounds like the sort of crazy thing that a fortune teller in this world might state as a prophecy.

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