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Culture Notes: Polycules and Plural Marriage

Culture Notes: Polycules and Plural Marriage published on 9 Comments on Culture Notes: Polycules and Plural Marriage

The Ice Cream Wives are from the Leveraged Dex bonus storyline. (Join Leif & Thorn readers on Patreon to read all the Off-Shoots bonus arcs!)

Birch’s mother: If we’re talking about polyamorous relationships, West Coast countries have got that all figured out. Take Getsun — it has an elaborate series of laws for just about every multi-person marriage and/or parenting situation you could think of. Like our “one husband and one wife got married, had some kids, brought in a second husband, had some more kids” life story.

Birch: I was born and raised in Ceannis, which doesn’t have such an elaborate system . . . But it tries to recognize marriages from other countries, however they work, so my parents’ marriage is legally protected here.

Annie: Getsunese law also says a marriage doesn’t end when you reincarnate! So — if you’re not a long-runner, you won’t know who you’re past-married to, but by golly, you are!

I’m all right not knowing the specifics. Gosh, I like having my husband all to myself right about now. . . . Not that we don’t ever have anyone else involved, if y’know what I mean. We just don’t want to marry them.

Leif: Sønheim only recognizes “marriage” between two people. Multi-person relationships still happen — they aren’t illegal or anything! It’s just, you can only get married in pairs.

As for parents: you can legally register up to four for each kid. Probably that started for cases where the original two got divorced, then both got remarried? I have . . . well, I had . . . three.

Colata: The United Islands ‘ave a standard legal by-the-by for two-person marriages, and a “build-your-own sundae” sort of approach for anythin’ else. We made it work out awright, though, eh?

Fragaria: Lucky we already had a taste of complicated contracts, from going into business together . . .

Unnamed Ice Cream Wife #3: Oh yes — compared to that, getting the three of us married was a piece of cake.

Thorn: Ceannis has kind of a two-tier system, where you can have a “marriage” with up to . . . I think four people? But everybody has to name one person as their “primary partner.” It doesn’t have to be symmetrical — anyone in the group can go with anyone else.

This, uh, unsurprisingly, leads to a lot of drama. Kinda wouldn’t be surprised if it was set up that way on purpose, to discourage Ceannic polycules from getting married.

Don’t know why I’m even talking about this? I’m not in a polycule.


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Yet. You’re not in a polycule yet, Thorn.

Good to see the different variations of ‘okay here’s how we’re going to handle multiple people in an official capacity’ and the various levels of how well it seems to be working out.

Also… is this the first time we’ve seen that Leif had three parents?

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