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Dissociation Denial Diaries

Dissociation Denial Diaries published on 13 Comments on Dissociation Denial Diaries

The Youtube algorithm has started putting DID channels in my suggestions. This is the result of watching a ton of “life experiences I wrote off as normal, but in retrospect that was the DID” videos.

Violet: Wow, Kallie, this is weird . . . Somebody on the net is insisting that if you have extra people in a body, none of them can know about it.

You and Kiki and Atarangi talk to each other! What, were you supposed to just . . . poof out of existence the second you noticed each other?

Kallie: Well, that sure didn’t happen . . . But, Violet? You’d be amazed how good we used to be at not noticing each other.


Kallie (thinking): Why don’t I remember how to do this? I studied! It’s not like some totally different person did the studying!

Classmates: Kallie! Hey, Kallie!

Kiki (thinking): Don’t know who that is, just keep walking . . .

Therapist: So the blue line is an average person’s level of dissociation.

Atarangi: Yes?

Therapist: And the red line is yours.

Atarangi: . . . You think that means anything?

Kiki: Sorryyyyy I didn’t make it in yesterday!

Thorne: You did. Also, you were a fire mage yesterday.

Atarangi: I hear angry voices yelling at me, all the time! How do I get rid of them?

Therapist: Have you tried asking the voices why they’re angry?

Atarangi (thinking): Did someone prank me by slipping art supplies and makeup into my cart?

Kallie: Did someone prank me by cutting my hair?!

Net comment: Where did the year go? I just blinked, and it was Cleidhe!

Kiki: What a totally normal feeling that I get all the time!

Kallie: Dissociative personality system? Hah! There’s no way we could be that.

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“Also yesterday you were a fire mage” would be a hard one to walk off.

In related “other people can actually see your soul, because magic” questions, have there ever been heartsword wielders who were plural / members of systems?

Heh, had to archive trawl this “Thorne” person. Genuinely, due to the washed-out colors, thought she was not!Sparrow again.

(And whereas it’s great that you’re trying to capture the experience of those with DID as accurately as possible, I do have to think that you’ve got some implicit leeway since very few plural systems IRL are twenty centimeters tall and pyrokinetic.)

Okay, your last word got me thinking, so just for fun…

Pyrokinesis – affecting/generating fire with the mind
Hydrokinesis – affecting/generating water with the mind (?)
Terrakinesis – affecting/generating earth with the mind (?)
Aerokinesis/Pneumakinesis – affecting/generating air with the mind (?)

Do these terms look right to people? I’ve only ever heard of pyrokinesis, but the others seem valid. Thoughts?

I’ve seen hydrokinesis as well! Terra- and aero- are new, but that’s probably what I’d do as well.

I personally especially like splitting them up to separate kinesis from genesis. Then you get pyrokinesis for manipulating fire, and pyrogenesis for creating it.

I wonder what the equivalent Greek word to mean element would be? For an umbrella term of “can manipulate/create one of the elements”….

Since I’m just guessing about the prefixes, I’m glad they sound good! Your idea about kinesis vs genesis is good too.

The ancient Greek word for element is “stoicheion” (according to one site I found), so maybe stoicheiokinesis? That’s a wild guess on my part though.

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