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Early Retirement 1/35

Early Retirement 1/35 published on 11 Comments on Early Retirement 1/35

New year, new storyline, whole new Leif & Thorn volume kicking off!

Points to the first reader who tracks down the early strip this is a reference to.

Leif: Thorn, why are there locks all over the fence?

Thorn: It’s a tradition, Leif! Couples write their initials on the lock, and it’s good luck for their romance.

Leif: But —


Leif: Thorn! This isn’t lucky! Everyone put too much weight on the bridge, and it’s collapsing!

Thorn: It’s fine! Someone will take care of it.

Leif: You can’t just count on other people to take care of you! Thorn–!


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Also I have absolutely had the “a Bad Thing is happening!!!! Why are you so calm???!??!!” dream lol. My friend can’t eat popcorn, and I went to the movies and that night dreamt that I found him sitting in the living room eating handfuls of my popcorn despite all my protests.

I’ve had it in reality waaaay too many times, to the point that “it’ll be fine” just has me instantly assuming the opposite and looking for ways to protect myself.

which is how I ended up eating power bars on vacation recently instead of nothing, yaaay 😛

As I understand it, arch bridges handle that sort of thing better, if the added weight is distributed equally. However, building arch bridges over longer spans is challenging, they tend to be heavier, and there’s other issues I would probably remember better if I were someone who worked more with bridges rather than just someone who has sometimes looked this stuff up because I am intermittently interested in a wide variety of things.

Also, better doesn’t mean, “can handle any amount of it no worries.”

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