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Early Retirement 10/35

Early Retirement 10/35 published on 5 Comments on Early Retirement 10/35


Leif (thinking): The government can be a “buyer of last resort” for servants nobody else wants, but the Embassy is a different story . . .

We’re part of how Sønheim represents itself to foreigners! We need to communicate in sign, be discreet,

and keep up with a heavy workload.

Leif (signed): Do you need help in there?

Torsten (signed): [Unintelligible]

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Hm… Sondheim has Debtor’s Prison, don’t they? Or are they just gonna send Grandpa to a nice castle up north?

Given the outsized influence of the leeches, I’d say grandpa here is about to become “human resources”.

@Kiwi – I’m pretty sure that Debt Servitude is what they do instead of having Debtor’s Prison. Valrun and associates Did A Crime while ‘earning’ their debt, so they went to Pottersfield.

@Flyboy oh, I think you may be insufficiently cruel here. They’re gonna marinate him in the finest, most expensive of pharmaceutical interventions for his condition, and maybe a chemical cocktail that’ll make his blood especially delicious (to cover the pharmaceutical intervention) to whomever take over his contract, extending his debt servitude by… Well, it’ll still end within his projected lifetime. It’d be illegal to knowingly make a volunteer servant work for his entire life.

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