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Early Retirement 17/35

Early Retirement 17/35 published on 11 Comments on Early Retirement 17/35

Thorn (thinking): Use my limited funds to spend time with Leif . . . Or use them to help a(nother) random stranger. I know what I want to say.

Thorn: Is this “Torsten” close to paying off his debt? The way Elisa was?

Leif: . . . I don’t know. I haven’t asked.

Unrelated! Servants don’t get sick days.

If one day you’re too sick to follow your orders? You don’t get paid.

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Query: What if that illness is due to occupational hazard? a.k.a. being dinner for vampiric entourage.

Between Vampire Masquerade and Leaves that are Green, Leif was hospitalized for a while, then on light duty, and salve to prevent scarring was “generously” picked up by the embassy.

Was he paid for the time off, or was he given hazard pay for being dinner and that extra amount roughly compensated for his recuperation? Not that it matters overmuch to Leif in particular due to the size of his debt . . .

I think there is no “get paid for time off”, but either the hazard pay was enough to compensate for recuperation (and more), or it’s considered part of the task, meaning him not being able to work is evaluated the same way as when he’s not able to do some work because he got another assignment.

My uninformed guess would be that things like food, housing, and medical care are provided as part of making sure you can continue being a happy and productive member of society, but that the costs are taken directly out of your paycheck. Like tax withholdings.

Leif’s bonus for being the vampires’ dinner was large enough to pay down more debt than he would’ve paid with the lost work time, yes!

It was also large enough to cover the salve, easy. Ludolf was just being manipulative by describing it as “generous.”

Has Leif ever used ‘unrelated’ to actually mean ‘unrelated’, rather than “highly relevant but I’d rather not indicate that.”

Is this a misunderstanding of language on Leif’s part? If not, how is he not getting shocked for deliberate falsehood?

He’s not getting shocked for the falsehood because it seems like his thought process is something like “I am *hypothetically* asking Thorn about how willing he would be to rent another servant again, and *hypothetically* asking about Torsten specifically. Since that hypothetical question has nothing to do about any servant’s health, bringing it up now is completely unrelated.”

And… I mean, he’s technically not wrong, which seems to be good enough to not get shocked for most things…

There’s nothing in Leif’s terms of service that says he can’t lie to foreigners! He’s allowed to lie to Thorn as much as he wants.

The TOS violation he should worry about here is “encouraging Thorn to act against the Embassy’s interests.”

But if all he’s doing is listing random unrelated facts, then that’s fine! If the facts he lists make Thorn develop his own ideas about subverting the Embassy, well, that’s something Thorn came up with on his own. Leif’s involvement is totally a coincidence. Can’t be zapped for that.

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