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Early Retirement 20/35

Early Retirement 20/35 published on 13 Comments on Early Retirement 20/35

Thorn (thinking): A med wagon? I wonder who’s hurt. At least the medics can land right in front of their building to pick them up . . .

. . . oh. Unless it’s a building behind the Embassy shields.



#8F3A31/leif: Hey . . . So, you can probably forget the thing I asked about renting Torsten.

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There better be some good tech in that wagon that can override the gate control, otherwise I have no idea why Thorn wouldn’t ask for some ID first considering time of night + precedent of needing ID and shit for other services. Even if it’s an emergency vehicle, why wouldn’t they alert the door guard “hey we have a med wagon showing up, don’t scan just open”

I assume the embassy *called* for it, and made sure it automatically had gate permissions.

And then forgot to tell the gate guard. (“Well he’s Ceannic, he knows what a med wagon looks like. And he has Opinions about the servants anyway” – the optimistic version.)

Just because you are EXPECTING emergency vehicle doesn’t mean you should allow ANY emergency vehicle in. There needs to be some verification if it’s the CORRECT emergency vehicle and not a fake one.

That said, yes, they totally should’ve tell the gate guard.

Absolutely. Even if your communications are entirely secure, if your enemies have a spy in the right place and a fake emergency vehicle depot placed just far enough from your location that their incoming trajectory is indistinguishable from actual emergency services, getting a fake emergency vehicle in place isn’t that hard.

I mean, could I do it? No. But I don’t have nation state resources.

Not telling the gate guard that there’s emergency medical services incoming is a level of inept I’ve not witnessed in an organization with a gate guard in real life. I have seen it in specific persons, but somebody always had the presence of mind to let security know, even if it wasn’t the first person who should have. I’ve also heard stories.

As with some of those stories, I expect that Thorn’s team is sufficiently familiar with the level of security awareness incompetence on the Embassy staff’s part, so it won’t be a huge issue they weren’t notified.

If you really want to consider yourself paranoid… why not the *real* emergency vehicle, with *fake* staff on board?

Or even *real* staff who were hired six months ago and have actual medical degrees but tonight they forgot the “do no harm” and are intending to do lots of harm? (And maybe brought four well-armed “patients” in the back?)

You can insert your own joke about doctors who are also ninjas from here!

The med wagon’s entry was preapproved from inside the Embassy!

This is one of those little administrative/technical details I don’t usually include in the comic, because I’d rather use the space on things that are interesting and/or funny.

Hm, when Leif was recovering from vampire bloodsucking, he was not taken away by a Ceannic med wagon, right ? He was under the care of the Embassy. So the Embassy must have some medical facilities and workers.
I wonder if that means that Torsten injury is very serious, if it cannot be handled on the grounds…

…Well he’s dead.

Too simple. My money is on paralyzed in such a way that it’s fixable with this world’s Magitek, but it’ll be costly and leave him out of work for six months to a year.

Or maybe he’s just gonna start a lucrative, if brief, career as a Capri Sun™ the next time Imri and Stanczia visit.

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