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Early Retirement 22/35

Early Retirement 22/35 published on 5 Comments on Early Retirement 22/35

Thorn: Knights! Attention!

Knights: Sir!

Thorn: We are not part of the main Sønheim Embassy staff. We are local Ceannic security to guard the gates — that’s all. Medical situations inside the gates are none of our business.

. . . also, Leif is fine.

Birch: Awww!

Kokum: Heh.

Senna: Phew!

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trying out another layout I see. I like this one more than the two by two. I usally read on laptop – but I’ll have to try on a phone so I can see if it’s better there.
Also- the captcha caught me twice. I hope it doesn’t eat my comment.

You know, it’s strange, but I agree with you, Noxsora. 2X2 is so… compressed. Or condensed. I like the visual breathing space of this layout better. The 1X4 is also good. But it depends on the storyline, and the images through which that’s conveyed. I could see 2X2 possibly having a context where it was very effective… Or maybe just 2 double wide panels arranged in the same space as a 2X2, one above the other. That would give more breathing space but allow for the shape of the layout, since I assume this has to do with what fits on a page, for printing purposes… But I’m an old-timer. I used to do magazine layout on paper, back in the dawn of time. You can see things in a printed form that your eyes just gloss over on a screen and vice-versa. No idea why.

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