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Early Retirement 23/35

Early Retirement 23/35 published on 10 Comments on Early Retirement 23/35

#D88D07/kromarin: my old Facetbook account got deleted, so I’m sending a friend request from a new one, okay?

#8F3A31/leif: Hi, just saw this. Doing it now!

Kale: My job has been work-from-home since I moved to Central. Just got my first on-site call . . . Wish me luck!

Katya: Leif, may I cut in? I have a time-sensitive message to send.

Leif: Sure, Katya! One last thing —

#8F3A31/leif: Luck!

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Ah, so Kale’s been called in to interpret for Torsten. Hopefully this means he’s lucid and not too bad off, but I suppose it could be to collect information from another embassy employee or him just being on call once Torsten’s awake.

I bet his intake interview reveals information that escalates things. This might be the impetus to get the Ceannis government to stop looking the other way on compulsions being used on embassy staff, especially if their doctors see something that distinctly contradicts the Embassy doctor’s diagnosis of “everything’s fine get back to work”. Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s nerve damage from long term exposure.

So, knowing what K’s history is, the hunters decided to not make a note that he shouldn’t be let anywhere near a hospital. Like, not even making up a bs excuse?

He’s been in therapy for years, and I’m pretty sure that there’s no pressing reason that he should avoid hospitals. His medical indoctrination has been pretty much resolved at this point, considering how he has no problems with Niamhl, his eyes, and his therapy regimen.

I wonder if Kale will be motivated to “take action” regarding the compulsion chip?

Between Kale having some standards of what counts as acceptable mind control (which these compulsions likely violate), Katya’s contact probably getting involved, and the good chance that the local doctors have a very different opinion of his state of health, I doubt the compulsion chip will last the (in-universe) week, and might even be the spark to make them no longer an option for the Sonheim embassy.

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