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Early Retirement 24/35

Early Retirement 24/35 published on 11 Comments on Early Retirement 24/35

The Ceannic-speaking medical worker here is Jonnie, our final cameo of a Leif & Thorn Volume 5 backer!

The crowdfunding campaign may have launched later than usual, but by gosh I got the cameos done early.

Ludolf: You’re bilingual and competent to translate complex medical terminology?

Kale: I raised a chronically-ill nephew in a city on the border, so . . . yes.

Medic: Is someone here for “Torsten Ofsonheim”?

Ludolf: That’s my servant!

Medic: What is your relationship to the patient?

Kale: “Why are you here for this patient?”

Ludolf: I represent the Sønheim Embassy, which he belongs to.

Kale: “I have his power of attorney.”

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Nephew or nibling? Ah, the Crystalpedia says ‘Used to go by “he”, but was experimenting with “they”’ I wasn’t sure.

I can see Kale being a bit circumspect with nibling info someone he has an untrusted and untested relationship with…. ie, everyone but his handler, therapist, Thorn, and maybe Lief.

Eg: I am vastly more circumspect about my kids on Twitter (anyone could find it even if they can’t comment and there are entire groups going out of their way to be hateful) than I am on Facebook (No better a place as a whole, but posts about kids are friendslocked) than I am in person at work (Generally likely, due to the business in question, to be safe but still not likely to hear the details – facebook sometimes gets a more personal view), than I am in person with trusted folks.

I really appreciate that you have the medic and ludolf addressing each other, instead of talking to the translator.

It’s my understanding that’s how it generally works. Usually the translator’s emotional state or subtext isn’t important, but the person they’re helping you communicate’s emotional state and subtext is important. There are people who burn out of that profession quickly as a result, but at least some who find that knowing what to expect going in is enough of a brace to keep at it, and some who even prefer that.

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