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Early Retirement 26/35

Early Retirement 26/35 published on 11 Comments on Early Retirement 26/35

Ludolf: Will you deliver the servant back to the embassy in the morning?

Medic: . . . I think he’d rather have a familiar face to pick him up, don’t you?

Ludolf: Fine! Call when he’s ready . . . and I’ll be back as soon as I’m available.

Medic: Your services are covered by insurance, right?

Kale: Yes, I’m free.

Medic: . . . does that include being free for dinner?

Kale: Wha–Bwuh–I–Sorry I’m taken!!

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Gotta be honest, her pass seems a bit questionable during the assignment. But Kale ships OT3 confirmed. That or he’s still hung up on Hermosa. (Or lying through his teeth, but that’s no fun.)

or he’s even-softer-than-normal-pedalling that he’s ‘no-interest-in-women‘ by just blurting out that he’s taken, and therefore his preferences don’t figure into the conversation at all.

Oh I definitely think he’s going to have a big ol’ “oh gods why did I say that, I definitely don’t remember Future Thorn calling me babe” moment once the doctor is gone lol

Oh, that’s cute ! I like this miscellaneous medic.
Aside from the fact that Kale has a crush on Thorn, and whether or not he is interested in women, given his past and issues with self-worth I think Kale would have a pretty hard time dating. I think he would believe he has to disclose his past very early on (which, maybe, I’m not a moral expert on this).

From a strictly practical perspective, disclosing who he is up front isn’t just a moral question. If you’re in a relationship where you’re always afraid the other person is going to find out who you are, that relationship is doomed. It’s not just about whether that person would actually respond negatively to the information. If you’re that afraid of any aspect of the other person, it’s going to sour the relationship. Not only is it going to make you feel anxious about something that should be a positive experience, but it’s virtually guaranteed that they will pick up on it as well.

I feel like regardless of his interest level or feelings of already being in a relationship, Kale would assert that he was taken just as an easy way out of any potential relationship disaster. I mean, he won’t with Thorn, because Thorn knows already, about all of the things.

Well, disclosing who he is too soon is dangerous not only for the relationship, but also for him personally. There was already one person who tried to kill him, and I’m sure there are many more who would want to.

I think this would be place for half-truths. Not revealing the name, but revealing enough of his story that the other person, after finding the rest, would realize that they were told enough and wouldn’t get angry. Much.

Of course, another thing is that Kale is not ready for any relationship at all, because he’s not sure he deserves that.

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