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Early Retirement 33/35

Early Retirement 33/35 published on 6 Comments on Early Retirement 33/35

Thorn doesn’t know the equivalent Sønska term for “bereavement”, and now is not a good time to stop and look it up.

Thorn: “Bereavement” is a medical reason to need a hug. I’m coming down.

Thorn (whispering): I don’t think he’s dead.

Leif: Wh–?

Thorn: Of course I couldn’t know. so it’s just a hunch.

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Thorn, really think about Leif’s mental state half the damn time.

He is, though. He’s providing an excuse to come give Leif a hug, which also allows him to get close enough to Leif to whisper something that it’d be unwise to say loudly. If he outright TELLS Leif “Torsten isn’t dead,” Leif would be obligated to report it, which puts Thorn under suspicion, as well as Thorn’s relationship with Leif under suspicion.

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