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Early Retirement 34/35

Early Retirement 34/35 published on 8 Comments on Early Retirement 34/35

Join us on Patreon for a new behind-the-scenes post! A deleted scene from Thorn’s lawyer’s office.

Specifically, from the time when Thorn had a chat with a lawyer, his own Commanding Officer, and a Sønheim diplomatic liaison. Wonder if that’s relevant to the current arc at all…

Lawyer's deleted scene


Sign: Laser Tattoo Removal First-Time Customers: Hot Deal!

Chartreuse (texting): Hey, I got the package. Thanks for the tip.

Thorn (texting): Any time!

Sorry I didn’t have an exact location . . .

Chartreuse: Don’t be sorry! You did great.

Chartreuse (thinking): I got a better tip five minutes later anyway . . . But I’m trying to cultivate a source, not discourage him from sending one next time.

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Oh. Oh no.

This is worse than I thought. It was one thing when Thorn was doing this shit on his own initiative, but doing it with a group of Sonheimic nationals is something else. Ceannic military law could consider this aiding and abetting a foreign extremist group even if their intentions are what we’d consider just.

It’s not like he hasn’t already gotten advice from a lawyer about this.

This isn’t renting a slave to bake for you for the night. This is giving information to non-state actors, possibly even extremist elements, to enable what is considered either kidnapping or grand theft under Sonheimic law. The second it comes out that one of the embassy guards was part of this, there’s gonna be an international incident that’ll make the Elián González case look like a playground slapfight.

Honestly, I’m surprised! You’ve been down on Thorn for a while for being too complacent about the abusive status quo of Sønheic servants. Now he’s actively working against it — and your first reaction is “nope, he’s definitely doing it wrong.”

Deciding which Sønheic non-state actors he’s going to work with, and considering how to do it in accordance with Ceannic military law, or at least how to strategically minimize the fallout from any laws you’re breaking…that seems like a topic Thorn would want to discuss with a Sønheic diplomatic liaison, his military CO, and a lawyer…wonder if he’s had any of those lately?

Did you show this situation explicitly or was it implied again, because otherwise I see this landing hard on more than just himself. It’ll fuck Leif over because they’ll treat him as complicit in Thorn’s actions, it’ll put his team in the hot seat since they can reasonably be suspected of possible knowledge, and while his niece would applaud the action his sister might have words about how it lands on the family.

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