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Early Retirement 5/35

Early Retirement 5/35 published on 5 Comments on Early Retirement 5/35

Bonus art from the Leif & Thorn: Off-Shoots sketchbook! The high-res version of Future Thorn’s family photo, un-glitched.

New bonus art



Leif (thinking): Great, now Tilda’s monopolizing the net.

Tilda: Hah! Fragged!

Leif (thinking): Just to play League of Magecraft.

The game she uses to “keep in touch” with the “people she knows from back home” who are “still her friends.” Sounds fake, but okay.

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This cynicism might be because Leif just doesn’t get games, but I’m leaning more on bitterness about not having friends to reconnect with due to the inherited debt causing him to be ostracized even as a kid.

Alternatively, Leif thinks Tilda is lying about ‘keeping in touch’ and is just using that to excuse how much league of Minecraft she’s playing.

but honestly it’s probably the “Life-long Debt Servant” perspective.

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