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First thought: Aww, that’s so sweet

Second thought: Hang on, why isn’t Leif getting zapped?

Okay, I gave it a bit to get used to the change and see if my initial dislike was just dislike of difference, and now it’s been a couple weeks and I think I can safely say I’m not into the format change. I find it jarring to read, especially when you’ve got a huge established archive with the four-across format. Your comic is small enough that I feel like I shouldn’t have to scroll down to see it all, and I like that in the four-across format I can have it all visible as soon as I load the page (desktop) without scrolling. It also doesn’t help that the website was built around the horizontal format, so it looks weirdly like it’s floating in empty space to me.

Hope this feedback is helpful! I’m going to continue reading the comic regardless, and if you decide to stick with the new format I daresay I’ll adjust eventually.

The thoughtful feedback is definitely helpful, thank you!

I decided to commit to this format for one full storyline, but it’s looking more and more like I’ll switch back afterward, yeah.

It’s easier for me personally, who reads on a phone, but I also enjoyed the four across style. It helped me to not be spoiled on the punchline if there was one for the page (a silly nitpick but it’s mine lol). I have the opposite problem as Jared, where I can’t view the full page on mobile without sideways scrolling. Neither format is going to make me stop reading or anything, though. I think this is just a “can’t please everyone” scenario, so as long as you please yourself, that’s most important. Not putting down Jared at all, just holding out my own view in addition.

if you split it into two image files (so they could be set 4×1 or 2×2 in css), would that break lots of things?

From a technical perspective, probably not. Any four-panel comic could technically be split apart in it’s four unique panels and be displayed 4×1, 2×2 or even 1×4 aspects.

From a READER’s perspective, it would absolutely cause hazards with pages where the borders are fiddled with for dramatic effect. See also the entire last volume. The end of Let Me In, Cracking Up, Time Out, etc.. And ofcourse, over the years, the pages that have 8 panels or an extra panel or a panel less, sketchbook pages, information pages..

There’s no ONE easy way to fix all issues.

As for my personal preference.. since this comic started off with unconventional paneling, but soon swapped to a mix of 1×4 and sometimes unconventional.. I think I prefer 1×4 myself, and will vote accordingly.

Maybe a next comic, perhaps? 🙂

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