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Erin Ptah’s 29 Panels That Always Work

Erin Ptah’s 29 Panels That Always Work published on 6 Comments on Erin Ptah’s 29 Panels That Always Work

A Leif & Thorn redraw/update of Wally Wood’s 22 Panels That Always Work.

The classic version is great — I’ve leaned on it a bunch of times over the years. Enough that I wasn’t deliberately referencing it in any of these strips, just using a variety of layouts out of habit. But there are at least 7 other workhorse panel compositions, not in the original set, that I keep coming back to.


Solid ways to get some visual variety into your panels, even when the characters are just sitting around and talking for page after page. The first three rows are Wally Wood’s original 22 panel layouts (with the words slightly modernized). The last row is a set of worthy additions. I’ve leaned on them during all kinds of long scenes, and they hold up every time.

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The picture cuts off on the right; I had to open the image separately to view the whole thing.

There’s a scrollbar at the bottom for me

I’m viewing it in Chrome on my Android Oreo tablet. No scroll bar.

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