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Every Body 11/23

Every Body 11/23 published on 7 Comments on Every Body 11/23

The Volume 2 Kickstarter ends tonight!

As of this queueing, we have 104% of the original goal. So here’s our one-and-only stretch goal: if we can beat Volume 1’s record ($3,211), every backer who gets the book will get an extra mini-print. (That means, if you voted for two in the choose-your-print poll, you just might get them both.)

Double-check your pledges, tweet/tumbl/share the campaign link one last time, and cross your fingers!

The next day.

Rowan: Say, I didn’t ask — did your night go okay?

Violet: Well, I don’t want to brag. You sort it out with your hookup?

Rowan: He took the apology, but doesn’t want to try again. Which, I mean, fair.

Maybe I should give up on the app. Sure, it weeds out the conversational disasters I was meeting in bars . . . but now sometimes I’m the disaster.

And even when it works, it’s so slow! I’ve barely gotten any since the wings came in.

Talking to Archie is really fulfilling, but the distraction only helps for so long, you know? . . . or at least, you can imagine?

Violet: Any chance you have that kind of interest in Archie?

Rowan: Wh-what?

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oh has he not NOTICED…incredible

I mean, having chemistry with someone doesn’t mean you have to be in Romance with them. If I had to be in Romance with everyone I had chemistry with, I’d have like, 10 boyfriends and 3 girlfriends.

Wondering what Violet is doing to the back of her neck.

That said, Chemistry can be a good thing on which to build a more intimate relationship.

Also, in this specific case: Rowan has been friends with Archie for a while, so he’s less likely to get utterly gobsmacked when Archie brings up That One Topic that drives Rowan away like every OTHER romantic relationship with which we’ve seen Rowan engage over the course of this delightful comic.

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