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Every Body 12/23

Every Body 12/23 published on 7 Comments on Every Body 12/23

Coming next month: some updates to Patreon tiers!

Nothing too earth-shaking, but give it a look — especially if you’ve considered becoming a patron and haven’t quite decided yet.

Violet: I know it’s not convenient like a hookup — it’s long-distance, he’s famous — but, Rowan, I never seen anyone light you up like this guy does. If you got feelings . . .

Rowan: It’s not like that!

Sure, Archie is funny and charming and thoughtful and understanding and I always get totally swept up in whatever the conversation turns to . . .

. . . but he’s just not my type, you know?

Violet (thinking): Uh-huh.

Intercom: Attention, Ceannic guards. The Embassy is shutting down for the night due to hazardous weather. Please lock the gates, sign out from the crystals, and take shelter. On your own turf.

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