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Every Body 15/23

Every Body 15/23 published on 10 Comments on Every Body 15/23


Violet: Atarangi, can I have a minute alone?

Atarangi: ?

Thorn: Sure. Just get to the gates on schedule.

Atarangi: I realize this must be awkward for you . . .

. . . since I’m a fire mage, and half of you have serious dragon-related trauma.

Violet: What? That’s not — what??

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More evidence piling up that Kallie and Atarangi are head mates, seeing as she doesn’t seem to recognize Violet at all.

I think this is more unlikely than headmates, but no one has commented yet on the possiblity that Kallie and Atarangi could be identical twins.

With exactly the same tattoo?

Why couldn’t they get the same tattoo? I doubt there is a law against it.
Personally I know a set of identical twins who have very different styles, so much so it isn’t obvious they’re identical, but I’m sure there are also some twins who embrace the similarities.

Nora, but if you look back at their conversation earlier Atarangi was concerned about Kallie going out because she had to be somewhere, if they were twins, why would it matter to Atarangi if Kallie went out when she had somewhere to be? If they were twins they could both go out at the same time and it wouldn’t matter.

It is possible Atarangi doesn’t enjoy going out to bars together and that she was hoping to spend her last night with Kallie before leaving for her job with Thorn’s team. I think Occam’s Razor does make it more likely they are headmates in the same system. The representation would be great.

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