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Every Body 16/23

Every Body 16/23 published on 5 Comments on Every Body 16/23

Violet: Look, I’m happy to leave the other night in the past — but we should agree to that out loud, not just keep quiet and assume we’re on the same page.

Atarangi: The other night?

Violet: . . .

Atarangi: . . . do you mean something to do with the storm?

Violet (thinking): Wow, most people fold right away under that expression.

Violet: Of course I don’t mean the storm! Look, if you didn’t want to be recognized, you should’ve done something to cover up that tattoo.

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I am cringing so hard for both of them right now. Just let me know when Violet realizes she doesn’t remember and Atarangi realizes she’s talking about somebody else so I can stop covering my eyes in secondhand embarrassment.

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