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Every Body 19/23

Every Body 19/23 published on 6 Comments on Every Body 19/23

Violet (thinking): Something still feels off about this situation, and I can’t put my finger on what. Maybe I should ask Rowan for advice? He’s got way more experience with this kind of weird.

Or maybe it’s none of my business, and I should drop it. Hopefully Rowan will have a problem of his own to distract me — the kind of problem I actually understand how to fix.

Rowan: Violet!

You know that romance trope, where a character starts getting hot for random mundane physical features of their love interest, even if it wasn’t something they were into before?

Violet: Yeah?

Rowan: It’s REAL!

Violet (thinking): We make such a good team.

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Oh no you don’t Violet, there’s no skating out of this.

I mean…it is none of her business. No doubt it’ll still come out eventually in either a hilarious or horribly embarrassing fashion, but it really doesn’t seem like something the team has to know.

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