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Every Body 3/23

Every Body 3/23 published on 9 Comments on Every Body 3/23

The bartender is a cameo of a Kickstarter backer’s OC! He’s originally a demon, but we don’t have those in this universe, so he just gets to be a guy with a weird birthmark. And a deal on garlic fries.

…on that note, Volume 2 Kickstarter tier spotlight! This is the “if I don’t make the artist draw me INTO the comic, I’m not using Kickstarter to its full potential” tier:

Kaleo: Excuse me, bartender! Can I get a lift down to the big bar?

Bartender: Sure. Anything else I can get you?

Kaleo: How much for a garlic fry?

Bartender: For you? Free.

Kaleo: Aw, you’re sweet.

Bartender: . . . It’s policy to serve all Tamaputians for free. It’s on the waiver at the door.

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Well, when a garlic fry is gonna be as big as a baseball bat next to you, there’s not much point charging for it.

There’s also economies of scale, if you’ll pardon the pun. In Terry Pratchett’s Feet of Clay, Wee Mad Arthur is introduced. He is hassled by The Ratcatcher’s Guild for working below their prices, but to him, his prices are higher even after halving them. A giant Ratcatcher charges enough per job to get a nice loaf of bread. Wee Mad Arthur’s ‘loaf of bread’ is big enough to eat the soft bits for a week and move into the crust as an addition to your home.

It’s no wonder he frequently wears his swimming clothes to the tavern: they only serve in sizes large enough for him to swim in!

Alternate dialog:
Bartender: “For Tamaputians, it’s an all you can eat buffet, covered in the entry fee.”
Kaleo: “…there was no entry fee…”
Bartender: “And we’re not losing much revenue from that policy”

…I don’t know if there was an entry fee, but this option was funny.

Also, those waivers must have a lot of fine print.
…I’ll show myself out

I know this is just a cameo, but now I’m curious: do you or the original creator have an ethnicity set for this bartender? I know, it’s a pretty touchy subject in real life, but I’m trying to more easily figure out how ethnicities work in this world without constantly running to the Explains page lol.

The original character isn’t human, and I didn’t assign him a fictional human ethnicity here — just drew him the same as the reference minus the horns and tail.

I’m late like whoa (busy moving) but he looks great! Thank you for the cameo!

(And confirming that on my end he’s not supposed to appear like any particular ethnicity – he’s read different ways depending on individual biases/experience – but I wouldn’t have minded if he’d been assigned one for a cameo.)

The policy makes sense, yeah. There’s no point in charging so much when they eat so little compared to normal people. Also, as far as the sandwich poll goes, I saw a thing on Tumblr years ago that helps define what a sandwich should fall under.

Basically, if the Earl of Sandwich can’t eat it with one hand while gambling with the other, then it doesn’t deserve to be graced with his family’s name.

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