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oh my god I want a garlic fry the size of my torso

Ooh, this is gonna be awkward when the inevitable “I’ve met your wife/teammate” reveal happens.

[makes popcorn]

This is Kaleo (Kallie Neineikura) meeting Violet Dupont. Nothing to do with Atarangi Neineikura (maybe her sister?) meets Thorn Estragon.

Nothing except that Atarangi will meet Violet once she’s introduced to the rest of the team — and presumably find out that Violet met Kallie the night before.

…if anyone wants to start placing odds, the guesses about their relationship so far are:
– Wives
– Sisters
– Headmates

002:1 they’re sisters.
004:1 they’re wives.
200:1 they’re headmates.

My logic here is Kallie doesn’t seem to have the tattoo that Atarangi has, eliminating headmates, unless the tattoo can manifest as part of a powerup.

On the other hand, Kallie’s right arm has consistently been blocked by frame composition and/or the sleeve of her robe.

Malone’s right arm is visible in the strip before this one.

While technically correct, that’s one of the panels I had mentally filed as ‘Obscured by composition’. The arm is visible, but Atarangi’s tattoo would mostly be on the side of the arm that is ‘away’ from camera in that panel, and the shot is pulled back enough that she’s rendered in a more simple style.

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