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Every Body 5/23

Every Body 5/23 published on 7 Comments on Every Body 5/23

Kickstarter tier spotlight: Multiverse Knight of Ceannis!

…this might actually be sold out by the time you see this, I don’t know. It’s the “I also want a signed copy of But I’m A Cat Person Volume 1″ tier — and there’s only 5 in stock.

Kaleo: Ah!

Violet: Got to put you down for a bit, or else I’d drop you.

Tamaputian: Unf . . . you can drop me whenever!

Violet: Last one. Easy there.

Kaleo: Gosh, you’re considerate. And you have amazing arms. Any chance you’re also looking for some private play?

Tamaputian : Rude! You just got here!

Tamaputian : Yeah, let someone else proposition the sexy giant first!

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…Okay, now I’ve got a lot of biological incompatibility questions to work out. Just to start, WHAT?!

Intimacy does not have to equal Sex. Kallie might be thinking of simple private conversation, or a REALLY focused massage.

If a more lurid form of stimulation is on the menu, I can see certain forms of roleplay adapting well to this situation, e.g. Re-enacting the denouement of this world’s King Kong, or the porn parody thereof. Failing that, there’s almost certainly some excitement to be found in domination-play with someone who can, even if you were using adrenaline-fueled hysterical strength, overpower you completely.

How much of an issue *IS* falling for Tamputians? Like, from what I hear mice can fall from human height without issue due to relatively high air resistance vs mass, but on the other hand they are fluffy and quadrupedal while Tamputians are not.

Estimating from their height, they’d probably be in the ballpark of (large) rats instead of mice, which can apparently fall 50 feet without injury. Someone with more than a highschool physics education could give a better answer, though.

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