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Every Body 6/23

Every Body 6/23 published on 14 Comments on Every Body 6/23

“Giants” is a neutral term, but “dolls” can be pejorative — non-Tamaputians should be cautious about using it, especially in mixed company.

Violet: You’re all cute, don’t get me wrong . . . But let’s make sure I can really fulfill your fantasies, yeah?

We’ll need a private room, I’m not taking anybody home . . .

Tamaputian #1: Aww.

Violet: I’m not interested in causing you pain . . .

Tamaputian #2: Darn!

Violet: . . . and I’m not gonna enjoy you trying to stimulate me.

Tamaputian #3: Figures.

Violet: So that just leaves you, huh?

Kallie: I sure hope so! My name’s Kaleo. Call me Kallie.

Violet: Yeah? I’m Violet. You got a kink for giants specifically, or you just like being tossed around by someone strong?

Kallie: Ooh, the tossing, definitely. You like the powerplay too, or you just have a thing for dolls?

Violet: More general than that. I have a thing for weird — when I have a thing at all.

Kallie: How do you feel about playing that up? One of my favorite fantasies is . . .

. . . I’ve been captured by a scientist who doesn’t understand my language. They aren’t trying to turn me on, specifically. But they prod me everywhere to get notes on how I react.

Violet: Would the scientist want to get you out of that dress right away, or take a while to figure out that it comes off?

Kallie: You are speaking my language.

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I feel like Kallie and Atarangi are headmates, and Atarangi only comes out when in Magical Girl form.

Not sure about the Magical Girl part, but I’m also on board with the headmates thing. Of note, on Page 2 Kallie said she’d signed all the waivers, but on Page 3 she didn’t know that it was policy to serve Tamaputians for free – despite that being in the waiver.


I have been calling it since the first page and I’m really really hoping this is right

Specifically, the fact that they look the same, the way the speech bubbles are done, the choice of words… I had to think about what I was picking up on but when I first read it I was like “WAIT. HOLD ON!!”

Enough that it got me to comment on here for the first time, actually. <.<

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