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Every Body 7/23

Every Body 7/23 published on 14 Comments on Every Body 7/23

…and here we skim right over the sex for the part you REALLY wanted to see, which is “what does Kallie’s arm look like.”

In other news: The Volume 2 Kickstarter ends on Friday!

As you might have heard, Kickstarter’s employees are trying to unionize. There’s a petition all KS users can sign to support them — just fill out this form.

So if you’ve never backed a campaign before, now would be a great time to throw in a couple dollars, giving you the standing to add to the crowd of voices saying “hey, management, as a Kickstarter user, I support your employees’ union.”

One scientific exploration later.

Violet: Your tattoo is lovely. Your own design, or . . . ?

Kallie: Someone from my family’s. Gosh, your scars look cool. The one on your chest is the sign of a heartsword, right?

Violet: Sure is. Order of the Chalice.

Kallie: You must have some amazing stories.

Violet: I might. And not a one of ’em fit for pillow talk. How about you? Do anything interesting for work?

Kallie: Oh, that’s all tied up with my family. Much too complicated to get into. Another perk of stepping out with giants. It won’t come up, since we both know I can’t bring you home.

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Detective audience strikes again~

Kallie says the design is “someone from my family’s”. So we can’t definitively say headmates yet. Also, the family stuff is complicated. Based on the comic to date, that means the details likely will not come out for several storylines.

Sooo… Slightly tangental, but are there any Tamaputian Heartsword wielders?

The thought of teeny-tiny heartswords is one I’d never had before, but now I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s toothpick sized to humans, but you don’t always need to cut something large to do a whole lot of damage.

Sounds like an excellent way to severely injure somebody’s foot or ankle and make them fall over, and it gets worse from there… assuming you survive toppling a giant while you’re underfoot.

Killing human with something sharp and toothpick sized is definitely possible, but will be very messy … and you may risk drowning in blood.

To say nothing of the time it’d take. Heartswords might be able to cut through anything, but you’d still have to actually be able to reach a vital area. You’d have your best shot at the jugular, maybe disable them with the tendons like others have said, but unless they’ve got some strong magic backing them up you’re looking at a twenty-yard Tamapoan field goal kick.

Since heartswords are super sharp, If you had one without a hilt could you just throw it straight through someone?

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