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Every Body 8/23

Every Body 8/23 published on 3 Comments on Every Body 8/23

Kallie: You said you don’t want to bring one of us home, either — is that something that might change if we saw each other again?

Or is this more of an “I have a large dog who might mistake you for a chew-toy” situation?

Violet: Not a dog, but it’s permanent, yeah.

It’s my housemate. Who’s also my best friend. He’s got some personal discomfort with the whole size-difference thing.

Kallie: . . . He isn’t one of those people who thinks full-grown adult Tamaputians are “literal children” because we’re small, is he?

Violet: Nah. He gets that it’s based on his own issues, not on facts. Otherwise I wouldn’t let him stay my best friend.

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>Rowan has a problem with Tamaputians
ohohohohohoho I smell draaamaaa~

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