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Every Body 9/23

Every Body 9/23 published on 12 Comments on Every Body 9/23

Kickstarter feature spotlight: the add-ons menu!

Can’t find a tier with the exact combination of stuff you want? Gotta have just one more book, or an extra print, or maybe you missed the pin campaign and are regretting the lack of Tiernan on your jacket?

That’s what add-ons are for. Just pick out everything you want from this menu, count up the cost, and increase the value of your pledge by that much.

(After the campaign is funded, all backers will get a survey, and that’s when you let me know the specific add-ons you’re ordering.)

Kallie: Everyone, I’m home! And I got a cool cocktail sword!

Violet: Rowan? You’re still home?

Rowan: Yeah . . . Wait, didn’t you just go out?

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I’m still hoping Kallie and Atarangi are head mates. It would be so satisfying as someone who has DID( Dissociative Identity Disorder aka Multiple Personality Disorder) to have positive representation.

I’m very glad you clarified that, because I was wondering why everyone thought those two just shared a toilet and shower.

Hey, the mark on her arm is gone! …Dunno if that’s an error or something I should be proud of noticing.

The mystery of Kallie deepens…. 😀 I too would love a cocktail sword big enough to be a real toy sword.

Sidenote: It’s pleasing and amusing to me that at least some of the Ceannic surnames you’ve chosen are French spice names, because I’m Canadian and keep seeing things like “estragon” and “muscade” in the spice cupboard.

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