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Expert, Witness 1/25

Expert, Witness 1/25 published on 5 Comments on Expert, Witness 1/25

Content notes: this storyline has references to physical child abuse & mental mind control. (…In separate situations.)

Violet: Sir Pascentia versus Sir Rowan and his new wings, round three — fight!



Violet: Nicely done.

Pas: Thanks!

Rowan: How is Pas so good at everything? Is this how normal people feel around me?

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What is mental mind control? What would non-mental mind control entail?

my guess? implants that manipulate hormone balance to influence emotional state, or a spell/tech that doesn’t control your mind directly, just interferes with input to, like, paint your worst enemy over your closest ally so you attack them and doesn’t read as an illusion for some reason.

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