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Expert, Witness 10/25

Expert, Witness 10/25 published on 10 Comments on Expert, Witness 10/25

Del: Dr. Glazier? How are you doing? Nobody’s troubled you, have they?

Glazier: Not at all! All this security, and it turns out, the only thing that’s bothered me during this trip is the turbulence.

Del: . . .

Glazier: That wasn’t turbulence, was it.

Del: Fortunately, darling, I can assure you that it won’t be any more trouble.

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I see that no matter what world we’re in, air transport still has awful and small chairs.

Ooh, it’s Henriette! I was wondering if she would show up in the L&T universe, can’t wait to see how she’s involved here!

I’m so glad that, even when she’s been renamed and race-swapped, some essential Henriette-ness shows through =D

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