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Expert, Witness 11/25

Expert, Witness 11/25 published on 16 Comments on Expert, Witness 11/25

Dr. Glazier: Who — How — It was a person? And you think they were after me?? It wasn’t Kudzu Carvi, right?

Del: That, I assure you it was not.

Glazier: It had better not be! We had a deal!

I only testify against Northwind Prismaceuticals if you guarantee they can’t send Kudzu anywhere near me!

Del: Again, Dr. Glazier, this was not him — nor anyone associated with him.

Magical Kudzu is neutralized and in custody. He can’t hurt anyone, and we know exactly where he is.

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Well then, a pharma concern is associated with Kidzu? I smell a Casolaro case.

Given the chapter’s content warnings, my bet is Kudzu was employed as a Company Morale Coach. If you’re not happy with the Company line… He’ll help you see the light… And if you can’t see the light, you won’t see anything else ever again.

It isn’t the company that I’m exactly worried about, at least not on it’s own. This could be a Ceannic “Octopus” conspiracy we’re just seeing the tips of the tentacles on.

Oh boy… I woke up with a thought and I don’t like how it’s combined with your proposed Octopus Conspiracy.

Kudzu killed at least a dozen people, Violated the sanctity of even more minds, and he was still taken down non-fatally. (“By the time the authorities got Kudzu under control, it [Kudzu’s Power] had burned out his own eyes.” A Night to Remember, page 23/33 )

Thorn states in no uncertain terms that the Government is willing to give a kill order on rogue Magicals… (” We, uh . . . kill them. Hopefully without too many other people dying first.”Thorn Explains: Mages)

Who wanted Kudzu preserved?

Are they still in the government?

What’s up with Dr. Glazier’s eyes? It’s not as simple as being blind.

My guess: Same deal as Kale; Kudzu burned her eyes and supporting musculature badly enough that there’s no point in painting fake pupils on the prosthetics. That is, she wouldn’t be able to move them so it’s LESS uncanny to have undecorated gems in her eye sockets than more ‘normal’ eyes that don’t twitch and swivel.

Most likely bet? It’s the same type of prosthetic that Kale (né Kudzu) has. We see them for the first time in “A Night To Remember 22/33”. His are more amber in color, though. Also of note, he says that normally they have painted irises and such, but his don’t, because it would make it even more creepy. He doesn’t have the muscles and such left in there to move them at all.

As Khyrin mentioned above, Kudzu’s power had burned out his eyes. There’s every chance it did that to his victims – and to people who were effected around it. There’s something about mental manipulation in “A Night To Remember 23/33”, and also something about ‘flares of power that seared anyone in range.’

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