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Expert, Witness 12/25

Expert, Witness 12/25 published on 4 Comments on Expert, Witness 12/25

After lots of interviews with local authorities . . .

Glazier: You’re sure the trials won’t be held up because we missed the last flight?

Del: I’m certain they’ll find a way to manage.

Glazier: Two beds?

Del: Only one of your bodyguards will be asleep at any given time.

D10: The room’s clean. No bugs.

Glazier: Oh, good! Because I need a shower.


Del: Would you care to take the first watch, Agent? . . . what?

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…wonder what connection Dex has with Kale.

I was kind of assuming Kale was the mission that trashed Dex’s lovely husband.

The only thing we know for sure is Dex’s brilliant, sensitive, wonderful, thoughtful, generous, witty, kind husband was an agent, Dex could have switched places with him, and Dex feels that had they been in his place, they’d have called it off as soon as things went wrong, Erin has outright stated that Dex is not Kale’s handler, and Del agrees that Dex would have called things off and exfiltrated before Theoretical!Dex fell to whatever got their husband.

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