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Expert, Witness 13/25

Expert, Witness 13/25 published on 8 Comments on Expert, Witness 13/25

D10: “We know exactly where he is”?? Was that about the government in general? Or do you know Kudzu’s location?

Because I do not know Kudzu’s location!

Del: Even if I did, darling, I couldn’t possibly tell you.

D10: We have the same level of clearance!

Del: You, specifically, are not authorized to know this.

D10: That man nearly killed my gorgeous and delightful husband.

Del: And that, rather obviously, is why you are not authorized to know.

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[sips tea] Yep, there’s the connection. Dexie’s letting their emotions get the better of them, which – and I’m sure they’d realize if they calmed down for two seconds – is why they can’t know about Kudzu’s location. Given they’re trying to reform Kale, having someone go try and kill him/remind him of all the awful shit he did would be counterproductive at best and suicidally idiotic at worst.

… is Del’s gorgeous and delightful husband also blind now?

his vision has definitely been impaired in some way. dex mentioned that he doesn’t have depth perception anymore, which points to one eye being partly or completely damaged.

Or both eyes are damaged such that he lacks central vision similar to macular degeneration, meaning the depth perception he DOES have isn’t worth much for navigating the house by sight.

He had a traumatic brain injury, I’m pretty sure? I don’t remember where I saw that but I was recently skipping around through a bunch of different past story arcs, and reading the comments on some pages, so maybe Erin said something about it somewhere. (Erin please correct me if I’m pulling this out of my ass, I’ve been really sick for the last few days lol.)

It’ll get expounded on more during this storyline, but you’re on the right track!

Like Kale and Dr. Glazier, the wonderful husband has magical prosthetic eyes that replicate normal vision. And like with Kale’s hallucinations, he has brain issues that scramble the data anyway.

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