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Expert, Witness 14/25

Expert, Witness 14/25 published on 1 Comment on Expert, Witness 14/25

Later that night.

D10: You’re sure you’re all right, babe? I can ask Pas to check on on you. It’s not too late.

Husband: Honey, I promise. I’m not doing anything strenuous. I can be left on my own overnight.

D10: I know, but I didn’t mean to test that so soon . . .

Husband: But we knew it was a risk. Missions run long sometimes. I do remember that part. And it’s not like you took an open-ended one without telling me . . . right?

D10: Stars, don’t even joke about that.

Husband: So maybe it runs an extra day or two. If I didn’t think I could hold out that long, I wouldn’t have let you accept it at all.

D10: . . . All right. Get some sleep, then. And don’t forget your exercises tomorrow.

Husband: I love you too.

D10 (thinking): About time for the other Agent D to come on watch . . .

D10 (whispering): Where is Kudzu?

Del: Mmrgmph . . . uhuhnicetry.

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