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Expert, Witness 15/25

Expert, Witness 15/25 published on 10 Comments on Expert, Witness 15/25

Del (thinking): I really don’t know where Kudzu is . . . but I know more than the other Agent D would approve of.

I know he’s not in our most-fortified magical prison. I know he’s living on his own, under an assumed name.

Even with his magic in power-blocking bracelets, that’s more of a risk than I’d willingly take . . .

Well, surely he’s off in some small out-of-the-way hamlet, where the damage he can do is limited. And whoever decided they’d try to rehabilitate him must have something dreadfully important planned for him to do.

Kale: D’you think the better translation for “honoredest” would be “most honored” or “best honored”?

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I’d say ‘Most Honored’, really.

Also this is very important 🙂

I’d need to know the context, personally. “X is best honored with offerings of simnel cake and burnt offerings of beef and mutton” makes more sense that “X is most honored” etc.

But a word like “honouredest” wouldn’t be used in the context of “x is best honoured with offerings of —”! It’s obviously an adjective for “the person/object of the highest degree of honour.”

Unless in Sønska the word “Honoredest” can mean “the most honored” or “The best way to honor”, which would seem to be the case, as Actual Translator Kale had to think about it.

Right, but, Sønska is a fake language. The comic is written in English. “Honouredest” is a made up “translation word” for a word that doesn’t exist in English, being used to represent [single Sønska word for the greatest state of “honour” in the same way that “biggest” is the greatest state of “big”]. The translation convention used in the comic means “honouredest” doesn’t make sense grammatically as “best honoured” as in “honoured in the most correct way.” But “most honoured” and “best honoured” are both phrases that are used in English for the concept “the person/object of the highest degree of honour.” They just have slightly different nuance, hence having to choose which is a better translation.

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