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Expert, Witness 16/25

Expert, Witness 16/25 published on 6 Comments on Expert, Witness 16/25

Deep cut here: Del hasn’t used that alias since 2016.


Agent D10: . . . and my lovely fellow agent will be checking in as Nasturtium Amande — an alias I honestly thought she’d stopped using years ago.

Dr. Glazier: Wait, we booked a flight under false names?

Is that even legal?

D10: For you? Since yesterday, it’s mandatory.

Glazier: . . . and what if Northwind finds out anyway, and tries to bring this one down too? They could’ve killed everyone on that flight! Just for me . . .

D10: I know! Isn’t it great?

If you terrify them that much, they must have no defense against your testimony. Once we get you there, you can crush them.

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Hmmm. My curiosity is piqued now. What is so important about this testimony that they need a black op to handle protecting the witness, and not a national police agency?

at a guess:We already know the Secret Order of Monster Hunters handle monitoring of Magicals going rogue/dark/evil/your-prefered-adjective-for-started-killing-people-without-government-approval-here. I have two possible theories:

1:Perhaps they’re also the ones who carry out the kill orders when a Magical goes dark, and they can’t be sure Northwind Pharmaceuticals didn’t have Dark Magicals other than Kudzu.

2: SOoMH are almost certainly organized under Ceannis’ equivalent of the Department of Justice, and Del likely flashed a ‘legit’ Order identification to the police (despite that particular mission including WiB to cloud memories afterward) here. Perhaps Dex and Del are putting in some time maintaining cover identities as WITSEC Marshals on this mission.

Yes, I know the second one might be a little over-complicated.

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