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Expert, Witness 18/25

Expert, Witness 18/25 published on 4 Comments on Expert, Witness 18/25

D10: . . . Fine. We had suspicions of Northwind Prismaceuticals doing something illegal for years.

So an agent . . . a certain subtle and handsome agent . . . was assigned to covertly look into their corporate HQ in Montmere.

Glazier: Anyone I might have known?

D19: Not a fellow medical researcher, if that’s what you mean.

This agent’s day job was . . . adjacent to the industry.

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Certainly not the worst cover. This does mean that Northwind was up to some damn shady shit though if the hunters were on this long before escorting Glazier to trial. My bet’s trying to manufacture magicals, anyone else want to throw in on this one?

My bet is they were trying to create a ‘booster drug’ for Magicals. Kudzu is the only ‘success’ they had, and they couldn’t figure out why because the drug was really a magic feather. That is, Kudzu was powerful already, but Kale’s personality leads me to believe that Ickle!Kudzu was probably not that confident. Then they give him the drug and tell him it SHOULD make him powerful… and his power ‘increases’ accordingly.

I’m of the impression that it’s some kind of drug that makes people easy to influence. A sort of mind control drug, if you will. Make a person take it, then tell them that they’re your very good friend who would do anything to make you happy, and mention that there’s this annoying business across the street which has been doing awful, awful things to you lately, and you just wish someone would make them stop, and your bestest best friend will take care of the rest.

Or they’re just a normal pharmaceutical company that has some really shady dealings going on that uses the pharmacy side as a cover-up.

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