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Expert, Witness 19/25

Expert, Witness 19/25 published on 9 Comments on Expert, Witness 19/25

D10 (narrating): The agent in Montmere got to know the locals — the people most affected by Northwind’s manipulation of the industry.

He even met Kudzu Carvi. Not while he was on duty as Northwind’s “morale officer.” Just in his ordinary life.

The agent was able to subtly press Kudzu for inside details without blowing his cover. For a while, it worked very well.

Then he got caught.

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I love the lighting on this page!

Ooooh it’s a pharmaceutical company and Kale’s nibling Calyx is sickly right? [thanks magical thorn AU] Kale could’ve worked for them for treatment for Calyx.

That does open up the distinct possibility that Northwind is the overall threat of the comic, or at least a major factor in several of the problems in it.

…oh, oh of *course*. I’d put together (far later than I should have, tbh) that Xnyr/Xhqmh vf Y&G!Xriva, but had forgotten all about Pneyb. Hermosa seems like a United Islander sort of name (a trait-name meaning beauty to go along with patience, dexterity, etc.), so I wonder if ur’yy unir n fvtavsvpnag culfvpny erfrzoynapr gb Gubea, enpvny fcrpvsvpf yvxr unve pbybe nfvqr, be vs gur Pneybf-Pneyb pbaarpgvba (orlbaq orvat Xriva’f glcr) unf orra ybfg va nqncgngvba.

[rot13 for Republic of Heaven Community Radio-related speculation]

Listen, when you write enough stories about people working together to bring down evil magic corporations with an interest in brainwashing, you’re going to end up returning to similar themes eventually…

I’ll say here that “Hermosa” is a specialized variety of rose, which we’ve seen in previous character names like Cymbeline, Damask, and Blush Noisette.

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