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Expert, Witness 2/25

Expert, Witness 2/25 published on 9 Comments on Expert, Witness 2/25

Pas: Really, I can’t take the credit for picking up skills fast. It’s just a habit I got into — and it was my father who gave me all the motivation.

Violet: Yeah?

Pas: Oh, yes!

Papa had a bit of a temper, you see. My older sibling, Dexie, was always getting on his bad side . . .

But he’d put Dexie down right away if I wanted to show him something I’d learned! It made him so proud.

Of course, it wouldn’t hold his interest for as long if I tried the same thing twice, so I had to keep advancing . . . But, gosh, you both have dads, right? You know how they are.

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Wow, that is messed up. Coming from an abusive home, we get this desire to normalize it, but abuse is never okay.

Well, there’s having a desire to normalize abuse and there’s not realizing that was abuse. Looks to me like this could be either one.

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