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Expert, Witness 22/25

Expert, Witness 22/25 published on 5 Comments on Expert, Witness 22/25

Hands up if you remember the last time I used that overhead shot of Central!

Attendant: Preparing for our final descent into Central. Please pack up all your belongings . . . have your recyclables ready when the attendant comes around with the bins . . .

Enjoy your time here, whether it’s just a visit or you’re coming home . . .

And thank you for choosing to travel with my new employer, Bravo Airlines! Celebrating 40 years of definitely not getting hijacked and almost crashing!

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You know, given how determined Northwind seems to be, all they really need is a sniper just outside the airport or a mind-controlled suicide attack.

Sniper’s too suspicious, Northwind would be destroyed in the court of public opinion. “So a key witness is assassinated just before the hearing? How very convenient for the board.”

Mind-controlled Suicide attack may work, but that still has to get past normal security.

Well for the sniper that presumes that Northwind doesn’t already have a plan to muddy the waters. As for the suicide run, yeah, they have to get past normal security. The thing is we haven’t seen any evidence Ceannis has any laws about weapons carry. Hell all you’d really need to kill Glazier is a blade to the heart or neck and the agents can’t react in time.

The whole “traveling under a pseudonym” thing means the tattered remains of Northwind won’t know where or when to reach Glazier.

Even if they got lucky, the Agents D are still very good at their jobs.

And Northwind never had an institutional mind-controlling squad, they just had Kudzu. Which they no longer do. (If mind-control was a more systemic risk, all of the worldbuilding here would be very different…)

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